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 New addition to Blades Canada!
 Hazard 4

 Tactical packs, gear, and accessories
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5 New arrivals from Chris Reeve Knives

 5 new arrivals from:
 Medford Knives
 - Praetorian G Drop Point Vulcan
 - Praetorian T Tanto Tumble
 - SAU Tanto Fixed
 - Praetorian G Drop Point Bronze (Sold Out)
 - Praetorian G/T Tumble Tanto (Sold Out)

 Back in stock:
 Cold Steel 62RM 4-MAX

 - CPM-20CV Steel
 - Made in USA

 $498. CAD

Now in stock: Spyderco
C214TIP Advocate
M4 Steel, Titanium Handle

 New arrival:  Spyderco C212CFP Magnitude
 S30V Steel, Carbon Fiber Handle

 Pre-Purchase C223GP
 Spyderco Para 3
 Due to unprecedented demand, we are putting the Spyderco Para 3 up for Pre-Purchase without a confirmed ETA. Click image for more info, or to order.
 $169.99 CAD

(Update Jan 3rd: We have been told by Spyderco that we'll probably have the first 50 units here by late January to mid February.)

18 New arrivals from Boker Knives

New arrivals from ESEE

15 years after we started, we have gone full circle back to our friends at YTC Summit in California who produce some of the most detailed, hand painted and finished statuettes. From History to Mythology to Fantasy, plus a large selection of Pendants. Click image to see the 185 items we have added. Priced from $3.99 to $299.99 CAD.

 New arrivals from Spyderco: 
 - C101PGY2 Manix Maxamet
 - C207GP Ouroboros
 - C212CFP Magnitude
 - FB38GP Gayle Bradley Junction
 & FB24SBK2 Gen2 Jumpmaster 
Back in stock: - C211TIP SpydieChef

New arrivals from: Extrema Ratio
Nightmare Folding Karambit Black or Satin,
Glauca B1, Genovese Cleaver

 New Arrival:
Zero Tolerance 
 0808BLU Limited Run

 Blue Anodized Titanium Handles
 CPM S35VN Steel
 Made in the USA
 $299. CAD

 13 New Arrivals from
 Medford Knives!

 Including Folders, Daggers, and Axes!

 New addition to Blades Canada
 Camelbak Military!

 21 New models now available
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 New arrivals from:
Cold Steel Knives

 20NSC Pro Lite Clip Point Folder
 20NST Pro Lite Tanto Point Folder
 21TCTLS Talwar 4" Fully Serrated

 97AD21 D-Guard 21" Latin Machete
 97AD24 D-Guard 24" Latin Machete

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The class of Benchmade's Osborne 940, 940-1 & 940-2 

 11 different Cold Steel
 Thrower Triple Sets

 -Templar Hurlbat - Jack Dagger
 - La Fontaine - Sure Balance Sport
 - Perfect Balance Sport - True Flight
 - Pro Balance Sport - Mini Flight Sport
 - Sure Flight Sport - Pro Flight Sport

Back in stock: Spyderco C199TIP Nirvana
CPM-S90V, Titanium - MSRP $719.95 U.S.
Blades Canada Price: $599. CAD

New arrival: Spyderco C206GP
Introvert, Made in Japan

Now in stock: Spyderco C41CF40TH
Damasteel, Carbon Fiber Handle
Sprint Run
$499. CAD

In stock. Spyderco C134CFP2
Gayle Bradley M4, Carbon Fiber
 $189.99 CAD

Back in stock: Spyderco C36GPDBL
Blue Military - S110V 
$239.99 CAD

Spyderco C81GP2 - 5 Variations
including the 2016 C81GPDBL2 with
CPM-S110V steel
Messermeister  Kitchen Knives
Clearance 45% off 
  Quality made Kitchen Knives
 Click image to view/order
Lamson Kitchen Knives  Clearance 50% off 
on all 86 quality U.S. made Kitchen Knife models in stock.  Click image to view/order
Mil-Spec Monkey patches now available!
Click below to see all patches and accessories

Kershaw & Emerson Collaborations
10 Models available
Affordable Folders

Tin Signs
of vintage ads
123 different signs now available
$13.99 CDN

550 Paracord,
Nano Cord,
Firecord, Battlecord
& more!
Over 130 Colors available!
From $10.95 CDN

New Products For January

Featured Products

Kershaw 6014TBLK CQC-3K w/Emerson Wave Opening
Kershaw 6014TBLK CQC-3K w/Emerson Wave Opening

Retail: $69.76 CDN
Price $49.99 CDN

Cold Steel 38CK SRK w/Secure-Ex Sheath
Cold Steel 38CK SRK w/Secure-Ex Sheath

Retail: $177.70 CDN
Price $109.99 CDN

Spyderco Ulize C161GP
Spyderco Ulize C161GP

Retail: $336.93 CDN
Price $199.99 CDN

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